Saturday, November 11, 2017

I know, more boring remodeling stuff but some bugs at the end

Rocky finally got around to the brick wall that separates this room from the garage. 

We had already taken out the short 2' or so wide perpendicular brick wall to the left of the old entertainment center that was built on the bricks that further to the right became one of the planters and pushed the wall all the way back which is why that opening into the garage in the picture exists (I have a before picture but I'm saving that for later). He had saved that section for the last because figuring out how to trim around it was being troublesome as the face of the bricks protruded out unevenly beyond the plane of the paneling. We ought to just take it out, Rocky says, we can get it done and reframed and paneled in one day. Since that brick wall was always going to be the sore thumb in an otherwise new room, I agreed.

He's just about done in there, plans to show up today and get it all finished except for the new back door which hasn't arrived yet and the base molding which can't go on til I get the flooring in and that might not be til January unless I switch to a different flooring that Rocky can install. And I ought to get it painted before the flooring goes in but there's no time for that until January.

I'm still leaning towards this sheet vinyl for the floor 

but my neighbor Gary was showing me the interlocking vinyl planks he is using for about the same price or less and easy to install, that are waterproof and can be easily taken up, washed off, and reinstalled if it floods again. Problem is, all I see online is wood patterns and that's not what I want in there. So I guess I'm heading out to the Lowe's again to see what all they have in that product.

I do manage to sneak an hour here or there to get some of the cold work done on the pieces we've managed to get cast. Here's a peek at the moon piece which is going to take some considerable time getting in all those nooks and crannies.

And finally the promised bugs...

This bee was so covered in pollen it looked like it had landed in someone's flour. Well, I guess it did in a way.

And this grasshopper was determined I would not take his picture. Every time I closed in with the camera, it would scoot around to the other side of the stem.


  1. Oh, that moon piece!!!! It's just like looking at the moon here through the pecan trees. I swoon!
    Are you going to have a housewarming party when all is finished? I think you should.
    Lovely bug pictures.

  2. There seems to be considerable progress everywhere, and best is the moon. I'd put down the tile. I've never fancied sheet linoleum. Just saying. And, I loved watching the brick wall leave. Sometimes I wonder why people did things, though other times I am fascinated by why.

  3. I enjoy watching your reconstruction progress. Can'r wait to see everything completed.

  4. You've all been very busy including the bees. The moon looks good, I think Vicki would like that.

  5. I like to see the bees when they get going hard like this. Something is really in bloom.

  6. Ooh that moon! So cool! And that pollen covered bee - ha!

  7. That moon is going to be gorgeous, just like the real one. I like the bee, but I laughed at the grasshopper. Squirrels do that to me, too. Every now and then I see one and think I'd like to take a photo. Fat chance. Around and around we go....

  8. I simply can not fathom how you get all that work done. The bee, oh my. I love bug pictures.

  9. That looks like a very happy bee!

  10. that moon piece is fantastic. Lots of progress going on. I know you will be happy when the construction ends!

  11. The moon piece is freaking gorgeous.


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