Thursday, December 29, 2016

treading water

I woke up this morning and instead of getting up I turned over and went back to sleep and fell into a heavy REM and one of those long, weird, and complex dreams that two of my friends were in but the roles they played were based in my main insecurity. I'm pretty sure this is a result of the conversations I've been having with another friend who has been telling me some of the details of her life which she hides from people and for good reason. Suffice to say, not many people would be able to endure what she has endured.

So, after having a week of springlike weather with highs in the low 80s we are returning to fall with a cold front blowing in from the north and the temp almost already as high as it's going to get today when I got up. However, the warmth and the sun this past week has caused lots of little green sprouts to come up in the wild flower mini-meadow. Still too small to identify yet but I'm sure the lion's share is the salvia I pulled out of there. And sunflowers.

We are halfway through the Lost Week. I never try to get anything accomplished during this week as we're all just treading water until the calendar runs out. It's all about the holidays from Thanksgiving to Christmas Day and then we have a week of just absorbing it all before the country shifts back into gear after one final drunken revelry. Well, some of us. New Year's Eve is the last night on earth I want to be out and about on the roads.

Monday I worked at the antique store, still filling in for my sister but Tuesday was Marcmas, our irreverent term for Marc's birthday, so we engaged in our annual celebration...a movie and a meal. He wanted to see Rogue One and I wanted to see Passengers but since it was his birthday, he got to pick. Being Star Wars fans, in fact we went to see the very first one when our daughter was 6 weeks old, taking her to the theater with us and sitting in the back row so I could easily slip out if she started crying, which she didn't, I was happy enough with the choice. It was good, telling a part of the story that came between episodes 3 and 4, about how they got the plans for the Death Star and handed them over to Princess Leia but still, half the movie was just one big battle in space and on different planets, all of which we have seen in every single Star Wars movie.

Then Wednesday, because I was pretty sure Passengers would be gone by the end of the week, we went to see it. Passengers is basically a love story set in space. Humanity has grown and expanded through space. 5,000 people and over 200 crew members are in suspended animation on a luxury cruise liner spaceship headed for the planet Homestead2, a journey that takes 120 years, to begin new lives when the ship is hit by a huge meteor which causes a glitch and wakes a single passenger. After a year alone and on the verge of suicide, he wakes another passenger. Eventually things on the ship start to malfunction, getting more and more severe. A crew member is awakened during one such episode and they finally get access to the restricted parts of the ship to determine what the malfunction is. It starts out slow paced, sort of Castaway in space, but it builds as the story progresses and is quite exciting at the end. I really enjoyed it.

Now it's Thursday and we are waiting to hear if our daughter and son are coming out for a visit today or tomorrow. I'll probably get over to the shop later today and repair that glass panel for the lamp shade since the north wind has pretty much scoured the sky of clouds.



  1. I think I have seen two Star Wars movies. What's wrong with me?

  2. Just planted my bulbs, cleaned out Christmas from my booth and the garage is looming. Oh Well. It could be worse. We could have elected Trump:(

  3. Treading water is the perfect description. I love this week! I've been checking my work email, but there haven't been any fires to put out. And I don't go back to work until Tuesday. Sweet!

    Happy Marcmas to Marc!

  4. Passengers is on my list to see and I do hope it stays in the theaters long enough for us to get time to go see it. I seldom see "futuristic" movies, but this one looks interesting. I also want to see Lion.

  5. My favorite part of this time of year? We're half way to spring.

  6. Sounds like some fun films, I too have been a Star Wars fan.I am headed to see a childrens film, Sing, in the next few days.Happy New Year

  7. The trumpeter swans like farther north in the summer, but some do nest around here.My best count on that lake was 71 two years ago.


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