Friday, December 9, 2016

slow week

So, as you can see, I did get out in the yard Wednesday and made headway on the overgrown and neglected wildflower mini meadow even though the day became completely overcast. I warmed up quickly and shed down to my undershirt. Field sunflowers always colonize the edges in the summer along with the grasses that I have to clear out every fall. Cowpea moved in this year and the red salvia has aggressively taken over a good third of the area. I've decided to dig it all out as it is too selfish and doesn't allow room for anything else to grow. I've noticed poppies are already sprouting in the small bed in the Big Backyard and larkspur in the old garden.

I also moved all the tropicals in pots either into the house or the garage. The big plumerias are in the garage, which provides some protection, because I just don't have room to bring them all in the house. I'm glad I moved them Wednesday while the weather was relatively nice because Thursday morning dawned overcast, cold, and windy and at 9 AM it was 47˚, the warmest it would be all day. The dog the size of a cat, even with her sweater on, did not want to go out and pee. What she wanted was to lay in my lap which is basically all she ever wants to do anyway.

Since the day was miserable and neither of us had anything that needed doing we decided to go to the movie and see Arrival and take advantage of being in the shopping district to get some things, like stock up the liquor cabinet.

Arrival is not a blockbuster action packed sci-fi film, rather it is slow paced and thoughtful, the story of a first contact, 12 ships scattered all over the globe, and the linguist who is tasked with learning their language ASAP in order to find out why they are here, if their intent is hostile (though it seems to me that if their intent was hostile the humans would know immediately but whatever) before the freaking out armies of the world decide to take things into their own hands.

It's now mid-day on Friday and tomorrow we head back into the city for the last weekend of the open house.


  1. I also saw Arrival and had no real idea before I saw it, so it was enjoyable.

  2. NONE of my plants are in the house and it is supposed to freeze tonight and the man is out of town. I will cover up some of them and hope for the best.

  3. It was 11 here last night and I still have to plant the bulbs. Good luck to you this weekend.

  4. I liked "Arrival" but it isn't a movie I think about very much.

  5. We've talked about seeing "Arrival" but we haven't motivated ourselves yet. Good job moving those plants inside! Those looks like some big pots.

  6. Poor dog, 47 this time of year would be a nice day

  7. I usually move my tropicals inside for the winter but this year I just couldn't manage it by myself, so I gave them back to nature.

    We went to the movies last week and decided between Arrival and Allied. We chose Allied, a story of the past rather than the future. Lately, the past seems better.

  8. Your slow week sounds busy to me, maybe it's the digging and such... A good sort of busy.


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