Sunday, February 14, 2016


Because getting an iPhone for the first time wasn't challenging enough, I decided to upgrade my Snow Leopard OS to the current El Capitan, something I had avoided doing before because I had heard and read all sorts of horror stories about switching over but so far, it's been unproblematic. It took a while to locate my folder of pictures that didn't automatically reappear but it was there and I needed only customize the sidebar on the finder. And my JEdit app for working on my website was disabled and so far I haven't been able to get it reinstalled but I have gotten two recommendations for a text editor so I think that will be resolved with no problem. The biggest thing I'm having to adjust to is my 'smart' mouse. Before, if I wanted to scroll up, I would slide my finger from the bottom to the top of the mouse; if I want to scroll down, I would slide my finger from the top to the bottom. Now, it's exactly opposite. I will get used to it but for now I'm having to be conscious of how I stroke the mouse.

The iPhone is not so much of an adjustment as my husband has had one for years. Once I upgraded my OS, moving all the, music, my phone was simple. The biggest problem is having to re-enter all my phone contacts by hand as there is no way to transfer from flip phone to iPhone. I suppose they could do it at the Verizon store but that would entail a trip to there.

And I opened an Instagram account. It seemed pointless before though I had the app on my iPad but I don't carry my iPad around with me all the time. It's what I use instead of a laptop when I'm away from home.

OK, boring. All this tech talk.

It's spring here, though we will have more cold weather before winter is completely gone. Today, I'm going to the nursery to get tomato plants and whatever else for the new raised bed and at least one peach tree to plant over in the shop yard. My friend Wesley asked why when there was a peach orchard just down the road, and true, I will buy peaches from them, but I still want one.

early blooming peach tree in my neighbor's yard


  1. I need to upgrade my OS as well. You truly are going to love your iPhone.
    Peach trees are gorgeous and they bring far more glory to the yard than just the fruit they bear. I'm with you on that one.

  2. Now, there's some news I can use. What is this peach orchard of which you speak? I've been known to drive to Pittsburgh for decent peaches, for heaven's sake. If there's a place in your area that sells directly, I'd love to know about it. Fresh tomatoes, fresh sweet corn, and fresh peaches are it, as far as what I need to make a good summer.

    I still have a few pints from last year in the freezer. I guess it's time to stop hoarding, and make room for this year's crop.

  3. Good to hear about El Cap... I have had it sitting ready to install for about 6 weeks.. and just haven't had the guts to click it yet. I worry about losing the use of Photoshop (it's an old version) and Word.

  4. It seems that I'm the only one still holding on to a non-Apple computer. My Piano Man wants me to get one, but I said I won't until my current computer dies.

    Love (and envy) your spring weather. ;-)

  5. There was a time that I loved everything techie, now because of their constant upgrades and my brain slowly downgrading, I don't bother to keep up. I am getting an iPhone soon (a gift from my children) but really don't want one. I know how to use it as The Retired Man has one and is addicted to it. I have used it on the occasion that he does not have it gripped in his hand. My dumb phone lets me call and text and that is all I really need.

    We are having more snow today. Spring can't come too soon for me.

  6. Well, I didn't understand most of what you said but peaches. I plant the Belle Of Georgia white peaches. They are perfumed with peach flavor. Nothing compares for flavor. You certainly have warm weather there. Still waiting for signs of spring.

  7. Pink blossoms and blue sky--there is hope for us.

  8. I am dressed in layers, it will be a bit before anything blooms here.

  9. I guess at this late date I'll be sticking with my PC - because that's what we use at work & I do NOT need to get confused between the two systems! But I do love my iPhone & I've already taken my iPad to a meeting that I usually lug the laptop to - winning! It was great.

    Those peach blossoms are lovely!

  10. Beautiful peach blossoms. So far nothing blooming here in Portland.

  11. A peach tree sounds like a great idea!

    I have an Instagram account, and I haven't logged into it in years. I don't even know my password.

    Glad to hear your new OS is working well!


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