Wednesday, February 17, 2016

foiled and foiled again

Why is it that I am always busy but I don't seem to be getting anything accomplished!

I finally decided what to do with the magnolia leaves, paring it all down to the basics, and got the wood cut and sanded so the metal plate will 'float' away from the wall and the hangers and was ready to put it all together and the last bit of the adhesive would NOT come out of the tube. So, now, I'm waiting for new adhesive to arrive.

Drove out to the nursery Sunday, about a 30 minute drive, to find they were closed. Closed on Sunday. You know, that day when people are off work and have time to work in the yard and garden, but that's what they do out here in the country. As if that's not bad enough, the feed store and the hardware store here both close at noon on Saturday. About the only thing open on Sunday is the grocery store, the pharmacy, and the gas stations. So, no, I did NOT get my tomatoes and peach tree. And I still need to get the last yard of dirt.

I did finally get the cast glass chicken head glued to the can to slip force over the neck that originally held a gazing ball (I'm guessing) in this iron sun stand that I picked up at an estate sale. My little piece of country folk art. I had wanted to glue it onto the hood of the truck for a hood ornament but the husband wouldn't let me.

And finally got an email from the art consultant yesterday asking if us vendors had received our purchase orders from A & M and if so did we have trouble logging into the link provided. Still no PO for me. As I said before, I am hesitant to get out the model making stuff even though I did for the leaf that failed so spectacularly, because I may be having to start on the art work for the small animal hospital job but I'm anxious to start on some new panels and spring being here is also calling me outdoors and every project outdoors is major so consequently I'm just piddling around trying to do small things to fill the time.

That may be why I feel like I'm wasting my major progress to be seen on any front.


  1. Woman- I'm in the same boat with the luffing sails. I do and do and do and nothing at all gets done. Not really. Just stuff that is undone as soon as it's done.
    We're trying. Sometimes you just have to wait for the wind to pick up.

  2. That would be a rockin' hood ornament. Really. I mean -- deco ladies with their capes swirling in the wind are great and all, but a chicken head? That's the best.

  3. He wouldn't let you?? Where is his sense of fun. Tell him that him driving it would make a great You Tube video. Lots of money could be made.

  4. It is how you are holding your nose Ellen - or perhaps the vibrations of spring. Happens all of the time to me. I remember those days of no stores open on Sunday in Texas. It was brutal, but I thought that had all changed. Blue days or something like that. Can't remember now. I feel guilty when I read books of all things. Like I am wasting time. Love reading so I can't imagine why. The muses must have gone for a little vacation.

  5. It sounds like we suffer from similar illnesses: always busy, always working, yet work continues to stare me in the face. *sigh*

  6. I love what you did with the chicken head! It would have made a cool hood ornament, but this is really cool too.

  7. Your very own Happy Chicken. (I'm reading Joyce Carol Oates.)
    I've become thankful for the February doldrums in the world of retail art, as I put a little too much white warp on the loom, and am channeling my mother in refusing to take it off and start processing it until I have it all woven. Meanwhile, the gallery is sending emails to swap out our work for a fresh new look and I am thinking, "But nothing is sold to the 19 people who braved the weather to come to the gallery this month."
    Angst at every level.

  8. Well, you're making progress. It's just incremental. :)

    I love the chicken head!

  9. Nice to think gardening, I have some drawings

  10. I think your red chicken head is great, but I'd probably prefer a different bird as a hood ornament on my car.


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