Tuesday, December 15, 2015


I'm sitting here trying to think of something to write about. I don't do Christmas so that's out. I'm sick of reading and writing about our culture's social problems. I can't whine about winter since we really aren't having one yet and I just did a post on the state of nature around here.

I suppose I could write about the big bathroom being out of commission, a slow draining toilet pulled up to reveal the nightmare of a corroded flange and rotten sub-floor and that the sink in the little bathroom has barely any water pressure and the pipes leak and need to be replaced.

Or that the puppy goes in for her 'fixing' tomorrow at 8 AM and the end of her confinement to the house or leash. Not sure who will be happier about that, her or me.

Or that the chandelier cleaning, abandoned last winter when it got too cold because I was doing it outside, has accumulated dust and cobwebs again and I must now start over. At least I moved it from the garage and into the house several months ago.

Or the new light fixture I bought this past summer for the spot above my computer and still have not installed because I'm afraid it won't give me enough light when I work on dim days.

Or that the squirrels wasted no time in accessing the new totem bird feeder I was sure they wouldn't be able to get on.

Or that the attempted repair of the last Botanica by re-firing it to mend the crack failed as the piece just cracked again in a different spot and burned the yellow out of part of it (something that I am at a loss to explain or understand and really isn't apparent in the photo).

Or that I made potato leek soup last Sunday and it was really good.

Well, maybe I'll be more inspired another day.


  1. Some days just are what they are.

  2. I'm sure your pooch will be happier when it's over.

  3. I would say you came up with lots even though there was nothing...

  4. Ohhh, that made me laugh.
    Good luck to little pooch, he's so cute.
    And your chandelier, gorgeous!!

  5. You will like your dog better, it is the best decision to have her spade. I'm looking forward to being in a flash mob the 18th.

  6. I vote for the potato leek soup. Do you put bacon in it?

  7. A clever way to write about lots of things while pretending to be indecisive. :)

    I'm sure Minnie will be THRILLED to have her confinement end!

  8. Well thank god for the potato leek soup.

    Oh, and for the record, congratulate yourself on *letting* the puppy go into heat once before spaying. It's supposed to be better for them, although that may just be an old wives' tale.

  9. Sounds like a lot on your plate. Except for the leek soup.. that needs a bowl.

    Hope the woofster is doing well.

    And that looks like a lovely light fixture.. install it!

  10. Potato leek soup would make me happy enough, all by itself. I'm not so happy with the gloomies that have moved in, but It did make me glad I got out this morning to see our resident ibis and egret colony. I don't mean any dozen birds -- I mean, at least a thousand birds, all roosting together along a canal that runs under NASA Rd l. It's amazing. I saw them come in last night, and when I got there this morning, they already were flying. Tomorrow, I'll make a run at getting there at 6:30, just to see if I can get any kind of a photo. I doubt it -- they're mostly beyond the reach of my camera lens. Still, it's fun.

    Your dog's cute. I'm sure she'll be happy to have things settle down.

  11. I LOVE that light fixture you got for your office. I understand why you might not think it would give enough light, but it's so cool!


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