Thursday, December 24, 2015

merry Turning Of The Wheel, y'all

Everyone has been saying how warm it is for this time of year. It's warm here too and while it's not unusual for it to be in the low 70s on Christmas Day, it is rare for it to be 80˚. I'm sitting here in full summer dress mode...shorts, tank top, barefoot, hair pulled back in a ponytail, and the doors and windows are open. The roses are all in full bloom and the altheas are putting on new growth and it's too hot and muggy to do any serious work out in the yard.

It's Christmas Eve but as you probably know by now, I don't do christmas. I quit celebrating christmas in my mid-20s when I married a jewish man. I had already abandoned the theology years previous but participated in a secular way. Family expectations and all. We raised our kids Jewish. That was before I abandoned religion altogether. There was a lot of common ground between my beliefs and Judaism at that point in my life but in the end, it was still religion and it too was discarded. I don't consider myself an atheist but what I think and ponder on is about as diametrically opposed to the father creator god in the sky, separate from existence, as it can be.

part of my neighbor's christmas decorations

Christmas, for me, is a free two days off. Stores are either closed or mobbed, no one expects any business to get done, no family obligations at this point in my life so I usually spend it putzing around doing whatever I feel like doing or doing nothing at all, curled up for two days with a book. It's so warm this year that I'm in putzing mode. In fact, I've basically been putzing around all week.

I filled the mold for the day lily flower (I'll post on that later), unpacked all the stuff from the two studio sales/open houses this year, I'm hanging some of the botanicas and other art work that has been sitting around, I've been going over to my sister's house every day for cat duty while she is gone and her dogs are here, 

I got the garden totems all back out in the yard and rearranged the plate flowers.

And...Marc replaced the rotten part of the sub-floor so I went down to the local floor coverings place and picked a vinyl and they came and installed it yesterday. Today, Marc reseated the toilet so we have our bathroom back with brand new flooring.

So nice to have the main bathroom back in working order.


  1. It's so warm and muggy here and I don't feel well and I don't know if it's the weather or if I'm actually getting sick. Either way- ugh.
    And we're about to go to my daughter's Christmas Eve party and I have a ton of food to take and the thought of all of it makes me feel a bit wretched. I have no idea what to wear- the red velvet is definitely OUT.
    And the cat I thought was dead?
    No. She's alive.
    What a strange day.
    Those freaking inflatable Christmas decorations should be outlawed. Camo Santa? Bite me.

  2. Blow up lawn decorations are beyond tacky. A house in town puts up more than a hundred of them in their yard. I truly like the family in the house, too.

  3. I guess the Northwest is one of the few places where it's rainier and colder than usual. Merry Christmas to you. Take care.

  4. Snowy cold and winter for sure here. I'll trade ya.
    As to religiosity......well you know my story of having worked in a church and found it was the hardest thing to keep faith in an Almighty or his children. but that's just me.
    The only label I put on people anymore is friend if they are and not so much if they aren't. You my dear heart are most certainly my friend. So happy everything to you and Marc.
    BTW, we have the same flooring in our main bath. So I guess we are flooring twins. tee hee
    xoxo Oma Linda

  5. Same flooring as in my farm bathroom it looks.It snowed hard yesterday, total white out.Plans to melt in a few daze.

  6. At least you're able to get a lot done while you're not celebrating! I kind of wish I didn't celebrate Christmas either, but with my family ties it's pretty much an obligation.

    I love that photo of the dogs with the line of old trucks in the background!

  7. While I am not complaining about ice or snow. It does have me worried about how warm everything is. I am sure my sugar maple will probably get sick this year. I am sure the insects will be twice as bad this summer. I just want SOME cold weather.

  8. Well, don't get too settled in those shorts and sandals. From what I hear, Weather is coming. In fact, it may even turn into truly cold weather (i.e., coastal plain cold -- in the 40s).

    I love Christmas and do celebrate, but my favorite week of the entire year is the week between Christmas and New Year's, for just the reasons you cite. Everything slows a bit, most people are either in the stores or off somewhere doing something, and it's the perfect time to begin slouching toward the new year. Well, and to do some housecleaning. My Swedish grandmother instilled the need to have a perfectly clean house before the New Year. I have a ways to go.


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