Thursday, September 17, 2015

just flowers

some of the things blooming around here the last three weeks or so...

I don't have much full sun over at the house but the shop yard is nothing but. I started planting things over there last summer and fall and again last spring. You can't see everything in this picture because I have stuff spread around but the three on the right...yellow angel trumpet, spider lilies, and pony tail palm went in last summer while the two on the left...porterweed and plumbago...went in last spring.


Over at the house the yellow bells have been blooming all summer and are now attracting the migrating hummingbirds (and the porterweed too).

The datura, the cinco de mayo rose, and this little water plant in the filter for the water lily pond have also bloomed all summer

while the morning glory bush and the swamp lily didn't start until August.

The ox blood lilies announce the end of summer

and a couple of nights ago I had two blooms on the night blooming cereus and the night air smelled so sweet.


  1. That night blooming cereus is a complete knock-out.
    Beauty everywhere!

  2. Those oxblood lilies are beautiful. Nothing much is blooming in my yard now except asters and mums.

  3. Is that architecturally interesting concrete back wall a trough of some kind? Your fleurs are gorgeous.

  4. I admire people who can grow things. Unfortunately, I have a black thumb.

  5. Wow your yard and your flowers are amazing. I can only imagine the work involved. Those last two photos are fantastic, great captures.

  6. I really envy all of your flowers. We keep adding different things every year, but not in the quantity that I would like. Our yard is brick hard and I am lazy :)

  7. There's still so much going on in your yard! Ours is definitely winding down. I love those night-blooming cereus pictures. Really spectacular. And the close-up shots of that mysterious water plant are nice too.

  8. Those last two are gorgeous. The most gorgeous to me, I mean.

  9. I'll bet it smells pretty nice around your place. Your flowers are lovely and I can only imagine what that night bloomer is like.. cereusly.

    Thanks so much for your kind comments about my Skitty boy.. much appreciated, Ellen.

  10. So the drought doesn’t make all that much difference to the flower varieties you grow?

    They are beautiful. I wish I could grow some of the more tender varieties here.


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