Tuesday, May 28, 2013

yard work with willing hands

The parental unit came and fetched the 4 grandkids yesterday about mid-day on Monday. They spent the long weekend with us, coming out Friday evening. They lazed around on Saturday while I worked at the antique store

and caught lightning bugs and put them in a jar Saturday night, later releasing them.

Sunday, though, was a very busy day plus about two hours or so on Monday morning.

The grandboy had to work off a previous loan to buy a new board for his skateboard and one of the twins also wanted to make some money so we spent the day outside doing yard chores. I had quite a few things that needed to be done. Such as...

pulling the wild grape vine out of the little oak and the raintree next to the Wild Space

hacking and pushing the Wild Space back from where it was encroaching on the tamer parts of the yard and was poised to swallow the shed

dig up the grass between the two small garden squares

pull out the goldenrod and grass in the front flower bed

spread mulch in two flower beds

get rid of a small pile of chunks of concrete that had been grown over

clean up, straighten, sweep, and get rid of a rat's nest in the garage

sweep out all the leaves that had accumulated in the shop over the winter

The boy also cut the grass in the Little Back Yard, edged all the flower beds and around all the trees with the weed eater, edged the concrete aprons in front and in back of the shop, pruned the water sprouts off the crepe myrtles, hauled innumerable loads of stuff in the wheelbarrow back to the burn pile,

and helped his grandfather cut down and cut up a huge branch off the pecan that had fallen Friday night.

We disturbed a lot of bugs like this beetle

and these walking sticks.

Mikey and Autumn worked really hard and the yard looks great. I don't know how the kids fared, but I am covered in chigger bites.

After they left yesterday, I had to get the full size drawings done for the shower and toilet enclosures for the ranch house as we are heading into the city today to try and finish up this commission. Fortunately, it was a simple design.

Once we do that we'll be on our summer break with the week long individual visits from the g'kids lining up, working in any jobs that may come in during that time.

And me, at the end of the day on Sunday?

oof. tired.


  1. Sounds like the kids had a great time and you can tell they feel comfortable at your house. Ha!
    The kids are adorable.
    And it does sound tiring...whew

  2. The grandkids are growing up so fast! They're beautiful.

    Also beautiful - all the creatures in your garden.

    And you - a machine. How do you do it all? I can't imagine.

  3. those kids are adorable - and just the right age to do a lot of work to burn off that energy! yay!

  4. the kids are getting so grown up. Glad you had helpers to get your yard work done....I always say that directing traffic and working along side the grands is more tiring than I can stand sometimes. Oma Linda

  5. Sounds like you got a lot of work done . . . great that you had such good and willing help. I'll bet you got a good nights sleep after that busy day :)
    Keep smiling,
    Connie :)

  6. Enjoyed seeing them hamming it up, you have some great helpers to be proud of.

  7. A lot of kids hours available there! Good job. Hope the pecan branch spared the shed roof, for the most part.

  8. I'm exhausted just reading about it but the kids did a fine job. They're awfully cute.. what a fun age.. in between.

  9. Well, it sounds like a good kind of tired -- you got a lot accomplished! I love the bugs you found.

  10. I know my dad misses having his minions around to help in the yard. Well, one of them anyway - the one in the Army now. The other two weren't much help outside :)

    I have GOT to get off my butt & do something in the yard. Even tonight maybe!

  11. Wow that was a day's work; I'm kinda tired and itchy just reading about it. But what fun to have a bunch of gangly grandkids lolling about and pitching in. Nice.

  12. Geez! Makes me tired just reading about it. For me, Saturday: lay around and play music, Sunday: lay around and watch racing, Monday: go for a hike in the Okefenokee and take a long afternoon nap. So, why am I yawning?

  13. Wow! You guys got a lot done. Good for kids to be busy, though. That list of chores reminds me of when I went out with my friend to visit her dad. The next day we were up and running taking care of all kinds of tasks he had for us. I wasn't quite sure what to think of that as my parents didn't expect as much of me at home. I do have to admit I had a blast that summer and actually enjoyed the work because it gave me a sense of accomplishment.

  14. I used to hate yard work when i was a kid, because my parents took all the fun out of it! Now i love it and whenever there are kids to the house they love playing with the plants too.
    Your grandkids are so cute all hanging out together!
    You inspired me to get my butt off this couch!

  15. Those lucky beautiful chilluns!


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