Thursday, May 9, 2013

work of one kind or another

We're at the tail end of this long slog of backed up work. We have been working steadily on one job after another since the end of last July with an occasional small break here and there.

This last commission for a ranch house is fairly simple and for that I am grateful although they have added a shower enclosure and a toilet enclosure here at the end.

I can't decide if I'm glad to be at the end of all this work or scared because the phone has been silent lately. I do have two proposals out there that I'm fairly confidant of but two others that I was sort of counting on have fizzled.

But summer is fast approaching and that means the grandkids' visits which will keep me busy. And I am looking forward to having time to work on the pate de verre and cast glass pieces. The peach box is waiting to be finished as well as the botanica erotica pieces.

Because summer will be here soon, I've been spending as much time as I can in between full size drawings and fabrication days in the city and Saturdays at the antique store out working in the yard. I bought a lot of plants at the garden club plant and flower show and also from the native plant nurseries in my city neighborhood so I've been expanding and working in new dirt and compost in the flower beds trying to get everything in before it gets too hot to work outside. May has so far been exceptionally cool but I don't expect it to last much longer.

digging out the grass

ready to be tilled

dirt and compost added

I finally got the zinnias planted yesterday. The third try at starting seeds was the charm. Other things are just getting put haphazardly and will probably be moved in the fall. I prefer wild flowers and native perennials and things that reseed so it will take a couple of years to get the beds established. This is only one of the flower beds I've been working in.

partially planted

We lived here two years before I made any changes at all but that was mostly because of the crashed economy and no funds.

Today I'm off to the garden club's tour of four of our members' yards and gardens. Tomorrow a day in the city for work and fun related stuff.

Next week we start fabrication on the last commission and install the Leadership Wall. Pics later.


  1. Sounds like the slack is coming at the perfect time.

    Enjoy the cool. It may not last.

  2. i do hope it will be a great break for you, but not too long. :)

  3. Good timing on the lull...but I hope the phone calls come and make you busy making money again. But in the meantime enjoy. Oma Linda

  4. Hope orders add up soon for you two. How can artists/artisans keep on creating without work orders. There would not have been any Michelangelo without patrons who appreciated and promoted the arts.

  5. I planted a hummingbird garden yesterday.

  6. Enjoy the break, and the time to work on the peach box and the garden! I used to plant lots of native plants when I lived in Florida. Such a great, low-intensity way to landscape!

  7. Maybe I'll get inspired to clean out our raised beds & plant something - after we get back from NC.

    But right now I'll just enjoy the creeping Charlie & wild strawberries :)

  8. Western Oregon has had temps in the '80s which is 20-degrees hotter than normal. It's also very dry here, which is unheard of for this time of year. I've been very glad that Oregon has escaped the kind hellacious weather that much of the country has gotten for the last couple of years, but I think it's going to be a horrendous summer.

    I always enjoy your photos. I wish you well in work coming through and happiness with the grandkids.

  9. Work of the best kind. I learned this week that Americans say tilling where we say rotavating ... who said blogging isn't educational?

  10. It's looking great. I always did love that statue with the pot on it's head. Always brings a smile. I swear if I find one here I am buying it. I figure if I can't have my turtle at least I can have a really cool statue. Right?

    I have to agree with the natural wild flowers and those things that reseed. Looks prettier and as nature intended. Not to knock traditional flower beds, as they take a lot of work, time and money, but I have to go with you on this.

    Hope you are doing well. Miss you. xo Skip


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