Friday, December 21, 2012


Nature is awesome. I just saw a picture of a parasitic nematode, the kind that can be transmitted by mosquito, that can, given no resistance, suck the life right out of you.

It's quite beautiful, don't you think? I do.

Makes you wonder about how something that can kill you can be so beautiful to look upon.

But if you think about it, the roundworm is also an expression of the godhead, whatever you conceive that to be. To me it is simply the source from which all this reality that we perceive emanates. It seems obvious that there was as much love expressed through this nematode as through us.

I have no way to describe what that source is besides life, energy, magnetism, love. A totally unknown source, of which you are but one expression but all of creation an expression of the same thing, floats in an unknown realm and...dreams.

I imagine the tendril of dream becoming thought and the thought becoming crystallized and the crystallization becoming manifest with the atomic breath and the link that cannot be broken because it is us. All of us. All of it.

Whatever ritual you pursue or recognition of a greater whole, whatever play you hold dear created to counter the long nights or if you have no pageant at all, the root of all is the end of the long night and the welcoming of the light. It is a story that has been told and retold over and over and written down for as long as humans have been able to write.

The long night is over and even though we know winter is still to come, we also know it will end.

It is a holiday for those with a religion and those without. It is a human holiday.

We celebrate the coming of the light!


  1. My hope is that old ways of thinking may have ended. The nematode is lovely- everyone's got to eat! The worst blight on this planet is the human species- you can read all about it in the Nematode news!

  2. Fantastic and fantastical and true.

  3. What a beautiful post, Ellen. As for round worms and everything else in a physical body, well, everything must eat. That's just how it is, how it has always been.

    Indeed the world did not end. This living planet will go out when the Sun goes out, not a minute before.

    L'chaim, sister. Shalom.

  4. The nematode almost looks like a sea creature.I enjoy watching te days get longer, it keeps down cabin fever a bit.

  5. When we lived in the Southern hemisphere we did celebrate the longest night - just as the 'pagans' did before Christianity hit our shores. Of course we still celebrate the longest day over here too!

  6. Beautiful post Ellen. Could connect with your sense of meaning and mystery in a world of great beauty but ultimately beyond comprehension. How special is it that we get to be part of the ride.

  7. Absolutely gorgeous colors. I can imagine this is glass. Your creations always celebrate the light in the world.


  8. That nematode is awesome in its beauty. Seriously, what makes our lives any "better" than the nematode's?
    I usually call it all "Nature" and meaning literally everything we know and don't know. I think I got that from Goethe but who knows. I miss being a part of a religion since it is so much a major part of the culture here but I just can't imagine how people believe the things they claim.
    Regardless, here comes the light a doody doo.


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