Monday, December 3, 2012

an arty glassy week/end

I'm tired and I don't want to go back into the city today. We just got home last night about 9:30. Now we are supposed to go back this afternoon for our work week on the mountain wall. This going into the city every week for the last 3 ½ months is beginning to tell on me. But we are so close to being finished. Two more weeks we think. We hope. The carving is done on panel 3 so we just have the shading to do and then the last panel.

We worked our week last week, came home Thursday evening and then turned around and went back on Friday for the open house at our friends' glass blowing studio. It was fun to see the regular participants, our friend Gene who does fused and stained glass, our friend Jennifer who flame works beads and makes some awesome earrings, and of course Dick and Kathy who host the open house in their studio and blow glass.

It was a different crowd this year seemed like. Some regulars showed up but many seemed to be missing. We did all right though. Sold a vase and a small bowl and one of the little pieces I made just for the show. Might have sold more but I just wasn't up for explaining over and over about why these small castings cost so much. Since we have so much commission work these days I wasn't motivated as much as I have been at past shows. For me, it was all about the socializing this year.

Saturday night after we closed down Marc and I headed over to our local gallery for their very last opening. Oliver and Nancy are retiring at the end of the year, closing the gallery. We'll have to find a new local gallery but it's going to be hard I think, finding the right one. Goldesberry Gallery was very unique, the only fine craft gallery in the city and they did very well for us over the years. We're going to miss them.

And Sunday after closing we all went to Star Pizza for dinner and relaxing and laughing with our friends which is why we didn't get home til 9:30 last night.

Now, today, I am ready for a day in which nothing is required of me.


  1. Those back to back days that generally extended into back to back weeks--I remember them. Just veg today.

  2. sorry about trudging back into the city for work. sounds like the weekend was a nice break from the norm, although you could use a quiet day to yourself. :)

  3. Put yer feet up. Take a break.

  4. Mike has been struggling with having to drive too much. I on the other hand have taken a couple of random days off which has put me in a MUCH better mood than him.

    But I understand why you're also driven to just go in & get it done!

  5. Well at least it is almost over and then you can kick back and relax and maybe it'll still be one of these fine spring evenings down in Texas. This evening is unbelievable here in Oklahoma Ellen. Right now at 7:30 pm it is 73 degrees out. Loving it is not going to make global warming go away so why not enjoy what is.

    No way would you have to explain to me why your work costs so much. It seems they could just tell by how beautiful and sensuous it is.

  6. I tired just reading about all your comings and goings. I hope you have a fine, relaxing day.

  7. I imagine having to explain your pricing to potential customers would be a bit draining.

    Hope you get to enjoy some time off. It's a blessing to have work, but a curse too, right?!

  8. I hear you about talking about the work...gets tiring. It's like, "just enjoy it people"!! Ha!
    Congrats on your sales...been a lean year for me. Sigh! No commissions or sales to speak of! Oh year coming!

  9. sometimes "sticker shock" is a barometer of the other person's undertanding of your talent.

  10. or misunderstanding,, you do have talent ,,, my talent with words is sometimes,, umm oh well,,,lol


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