Thursday, October 18, 2012

things I did instead of being on-line

I have drawn the mountain.

I have made 6 out of at least 12 planned small waxes to cast for the open house.

The body of the peach box is in the kiln.

I picked up gallons and gallons of pecans.

I cleaned the bathroom! (a major chore)

I have latex molds of acorns in progress.

I dug around in the compost pile, soaked and scrubbed clean 34 peach pits.

I finally washed all the 24 plastic zip lock bags that I let pile up.

I updated the news page on my website.


  1. you're too cute. i like the variety of color in those pits!

  2. I certainly have not accomplished that much in four days. I did wipe out the bathroom sink!

  3. Stop it, you're gettin' me tired.

  4. I salute you! You are a force for good in the world.

  5. You may have noticed I never list the things/jobs I've done in a day. You amaze me with all that you do Ellen.
    I was just wondering how you originally got started with your art.

  6. That's a lot!

    Why are you washing the peach pits -- to use for the peach box?

  7. Cor blimey (as they say over here) no wonder you didn't have time to blog!

  8. Steve - yes, I think I'm going to seal them and fill the peach box with them.

  9. Goodness whirling dervish.....not doing anything huh? I'm tired just reading about your hustle. Oma Linda

  10. small waxes? I dont know what they are but they look so cute.
    I admire talented people

  11. That is a lot accomplished.

    I hope it's contagious.


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