Saturday, January 7, 2012

a Saturday

We are not early risers, usually rolling out of bed around 7:30, so I rarely ever see the sunrise, not since I quit the river guide gig. But I do see the early morning skies, at least this time of year.

This morning it was foggy on the ground but just above it was a blue sky. Now about 8:30 AM, it's become more overcast but it's 59˚ and the birds are very chirpy.

I could hear the geese long before they came into view. I've seen many more geese this year than ever before. This group was flying north.

The first week of the new year has passed and I've caught up with the little bit of business left over from last year and have spent the last three days updating my website, still have one more page to go though. And beyond that I want to re-do my gallery pages but I'm going to need a lot of help with that as I don't really know how to write code. I can manipulate code already written, at least the old stuff, but I can't really create code. Especially the new languages. I look at the source code of pages I like on other people's sites and I don't recognize anything.

Well, today turned out to be just too nice of a day with temps in the mid-70s and a clear sky to spend indoors. Besides, Marc ran me out because he volunteered to mop all the linoleum floors, the biggest one being the room where my computer and work stuff is, so I sat outside and finished my book.

And I went for a walk, which I've been trying to do every day since the first, a sort of unspoken resolution, and on my way back to the house I decided to strike off into the plowed field. There's a shallow gully that runs through it diagonally and that's what I followed. I walked out to the finger of tree line that juts into it and then turned around and came back. Someone riding a horse had done the same thing I saw as I followed the hoof prints in the soft dirt only they had come from the other direction.

It's still pretty dry here despite the week of rain we had after the solstice so I watered the front yard and then deep watered around the magnolia which has lost far too many leaves, pounding a piece of rebar about 16” into the ground a dozen or so times under the canopy and then sticking the hose end into the holes and turning the water full on and let it churn and gurgle for a minute or two.

Well, the sun has set now and there is a pink glow on the horizon.

I guess I'll go de-bone that chicken that's left over from last night.


  1. I'm still waiting to see those dang geese that should be coming my way but aren't.
    I am usually the last to say this but do you think we maybe need some rain?

  2. i've only seen and heard a couple of small flocks of geese so far this year. you must be hogging them all!

  3. Hey - aren't the geese going the wrong way? Your temps are higher than normal like ours have been. It is weird to have dinner on the smoker in January, but I am not complaining. lol

  4. Looks like a lovely day, overall. Our geese haven't left. They're all in the pond of my nearby park. They tend to stay all winter along with our ducks.

  5. I think that 7:30 a.m is included in the early morning! Of course I don't go to bed until 2:00 a.m. We are having Spring in January, too. Enjoy!

  6. I'm a walker, and cover a couple of miles a day, so I'll be interested in following your new walking routine and seeing what you make of it ...

  7. Sounds like a relaxing time.

  8. I've just been considering getting up an hour earlier than I need to in order to walk more and this has made me feel even more that I should. You seem very in touch with nature and where you live. Thanks.

  9. Awesome lot of geese! So many!! They must be headed this way.

  10. I love hanging out with you, on the walk, while you read your book, later, when you water the magnolia.


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