Monday, January 9, 2012

the plowed field

I decided to strike off into the plowed dormant field again yesterday when I took my walk. 

This one house sits on about a half acre carved out of the field. Not the farmer's house though.

There are two long abandoned structures out there.

The small shed, perhaps used to house a tractor at one time.

The larger barn beside which the tractors rest.

One end of the fallen down and decaying structure.

The barn turned to brush pile.

Henbit sprouting all over the field.

It will be plowed under soon.

A weathered mat of cotton left over from last year's harvest lays at the end of some furrows.

Across the road from the field is this tree with it's seed pods.


  1. It's fascinating how nature just overcomes the abandoned structures, claiming them as her own.

  2. A nice walk, I often enjoy looking over all like this.When I come across old homesteads it makes me wonder why they let it all go,where did they go.

  3. the overgrowth on those buildings is amazing! i've got a post including henbit coming this week, too! :)

  4. These are beautiful meditative spaces, and bring back so many memories.

  5. Wow.. I love that overgrowth. It's incredible how nature works, as Joanne said.

  6. I love those big beautiful blue Texas skies. It must be hard walking in that field but regardless you got some nice pictures.

  7. You have an observant eye, but then I already knew that. Overgrown structures have an eerie quality, so lonely and kind of wild.

    I never heard of henbit. Do chickens eat it?

  8. What wonderful ruins! I love how nature overwhelms all, given a little time.

  9. Loved that walk thought the plowed field- One little shed still shows promise- a studio perhaps...

  10. That's hen bit? We have it here too. Huh.
    Nice pictures.

  11. Farmland looks the same the world over when it's dormant; it takes a crop to make it into a marker of the place it occupies. No cotton here.

  12. Loved seeing this, have never heard of henbit, amazing what happens to these old buildings. hugs to you.

  13. I love this!

    The pictures are calming and quietly beautiful. Thank you!

  14. Oh I love the abandoned structures!

  15. the tree and brush taking over the buildings is something to see
    I have always loved the look of a plowed field
    it says something about purpose and makes me feel comforted

  16. I didn't know that stuff was called henbit - I love it :)


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