Saturday, January 1, 2011


a rosy end to the year just passed

I think New Year's Day is possibly my favorite holiday, after my birthday of course. What!? you don't celebrate my birthday? I know, my birthday is not a national holiday but it is a personal one for me and always a happy day.

I'm always in a good mood on New Year's Day. The end of the year holidays and festivities starting way back with Halloween, culminating in fireworks and revelry, are over. Today is the first day of a new year, a clean slate, and the possibilities are endless. Today we are supermen and women, we can accomplish anything. We can choose to be new and different, happier and more fulfilled, kinder, gentler, more compassionate. We can take control of our lives and live more consciously. We can set out our goals and start on the new path to achieve them. Of course, maintaining those changes and commitments is the challenge as the year progresses. But now, today? All is possible!

Last night's sunset was one of those rare events where the very air is colored. Everything was suffused with a pink glow. Not too shabby an end to a year of challenge, progress and karmic lessons. Oh yes, several karmic lessons for me this past year.

I let go of a drive for fame and fortune and in the process became re-inspired in my work. I started a new decade of life. We fully settled in the country house and made substantial progress on the new shop. We gave thanks for our daughter's survival of a life threatening event and spent a lot of time with the g'kids. We got out of debt (mostly). I helped and cared for my sister as her husband passed out of this world. And through all, we have been happy and healthy.

For all this I am grateful.

Now here, poised on the threshold of this fine new year, I am filled with optimism as it lays open before me to make of it what I will.

and a rosy portent for the new one starting


  1. Best wishes, Ellen. I always enjoy reading your thoughts and comments.

  2. I love the phrase "a rosy potent" that picture certainly illustrates it and the new year can best be a new beginning.

    I find myself thankful that 2010 is behind me and many of the things that happened can't be repeated.

    Yay for a new year I say!

  3. Wow that sky is incredible! Definitely a positive sign, definitely! Wow.

    Onwards & upwards! New Year's Day is my favorite holiday, too.

  4. Just beautiful. Words and images.

    Good to be with you again on the very first day of this very new year. Love you Ellen.

    Thanks for not giving up on me.

  5. I love your optimism, Ellen. I woke to new snow on the first day of a new year. It not only was beautiful and clean, but hopefully it's a good omen for all that I want to accomplish in 2011. Happy 1/1/11!

  6. that sky is crazy stunning! i wish you the happiest unfoldings as this year opens up! steven

  7. I hate noisy holidays like Independence Day and New Year's Eve, but I have always liked new Year's Day. Wishing you a blessed 2011.

  8. Love your rosy view - I'm going to adopt it for myself!

  9. My birthday is my home countrys Saints Day so I love it! That aside New Year is also my favourite day of the year for all of your reasons!

  10. Your spirit and insight into life and yourself is profound. Even if our self knowledge comes a negative situation, we are blessed if we walk away with a lesson learned. You are one of the fortunate ones to have positive, forward looking, sight. New beginnings are cool. I like New Year's day as well for the same reason....and why yes ma'am I do celebrate with the rest of the nation at your birth......The Olde Bagg

  11. Lovely Ellen;

    we are so full of of hope and good intentions on this first day of the year, we are indeed superman. everything is possible.

    I simply hope for the strength and courage to accept what must be accepted and change for can be changed.

    Happy New Year.

  12. Yes a beautiful day and you caught it well in your photos. WE too had lovely weather here in Indiana on New Year's Eve, however, the most peculiar Thunderstorm though started at midnight... really weird. And loud.
    Love to you & Happy New Year!

  13. Striking photos, Ellen. Good to see you in good spirits for the start of the year; may it bring the very best for you and your family.

  14. Incredible skies and a wonderful attitude for the new year!!
    I too am looking forward to 2011 as it lays before me. It is going to be the best ever!! I just know it!
    Happy New Year and God bless

  15. It looks like you have managed to weed your garden in the past year and you are ready for a fresh growing season. May your good mood for the new year last the whole year trough. Peace.

  16. What a lovely sky! I wish you all the best for your coming year.

  17. I suppose we do need monumental markers to measure by- Like the year's end and another's beginning- sort of compartmentalizes our goings on, and files them under "year such and such"...I don't mind kicking 2010 in the ass on it's way out- I have no idea what 2011 will bring- so far so good- day four...
    Your sky stuns!

  18. What a beautiful sky. Happy New Year!

  19. Beautiful. I quite enjoy your rosy optimism - can never have enough of it.


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