Saturday, January 8, 2011

friday night at the movies

We watched a Quenton Tarantino film last night. It was originally released as a three hour double feature with fake trailers and everything. The other film was Planet Terror (Robert Rodriguez) and the whole thing together, I gather, was called Grindhouse. It's been split up now and the one we saw was Grindhouse Presents Death Proof. It still had the quirky little preview film trailers at the beginning. I admit to liking Quenton Tarantino's work and this particular little film starred Kurt Russell and I'm a huge Kurt Russell fan. I have a short list of favorite male actors...Johnny Depp, Tom Hanks, Nickolas Cage among others and Kurt Russell probably tops the list. I'm not sure my marriage would survive if he showed up on my doorstep wanting me to run away with him. I know that won't happen cause he's hooked up and I'm only slightly mollified by the fact that he's hooked up with, well, Goldie Hawn.

Anyway, I digress.

Here are some quotes from a review on Nights And Weekends.Com:

Death Proof (the second movie in the original double feature) tells the story of two groups of girls-and of one creepy guy and his equally creepy car. The first group of girls meet Stuntman Mike (Kurt Russell) in an old bar in Austin. And the second group-an actress, a make-up artist, and a couple of stuntwomen-meet him a year later, while they're shooting a movie in Tennessee.

Stuntman Mike is just as scary as he is smooth-and there's obviously something not quite right about him. But when he gets behind the wheel of his beloved car-the stuntman in him takes over, and the outcome is always deadly.


The high point of the movie is definitely Russell, whose performance as Stuntman Mike is stellar (well, him and the infamous 18-minute car-chase scene). He's so creepy it'll make your skin crawl-but, at the same time, he's absolutely hilarious, too. And I can't think of any other actor who could have pulled off the role quite like he did.

Yeah, that's my man Kurt.


  1. That sounds like something I'd like to watch - except for the 18 minute car chase. I LIKE car chases & gun battles, but I like them to be short & sweet :)

    And yes, Kurt Russell is great. I love him in Overboard, which isn't a great movie, but one of those off the beaten path ones that I love.

  2. I believe Kurt and Goldie have a cottage in the Muskokas of Ontario. These are interesting movie tips.

  3. "one creepy guy and his equally creepy car" made me roar! I would definitely love this.

    I love Nicolas Cage, I've always called him my Other Boyfriend. You can run away with Kurt, if Goldie doesn't object, but if you touch my Nick I'll hunt you down. And stare until you are sick with pity and give him back ;-)

    May 2011 give you all you want and a bit more.

  4. I'm glad you're hanging out, watching movies. I watched Three Days of the Condor with Robert Redford this afternoon. Very fun.

  5. O.K Ellen, now we know your secret! Is he still married to Goldie? Wow, that is a long-standing union for Hollywood.

  6. I like him, too. I have never heard of this film, however. How did a Kurt Russell film get by me?

  7. One of my all time faves! Love the no holds barred flat out revenge clean your clock Mr. -think-you're-a-badass!

  8. I love Kurt so I shall have to catch this movie.

  9. Alright already, yeah, I see what you mean, he could come and polish my boots any day;

    but what about the blood? I don't like blood.

  10. Kurt is ineffably cool. But I have rarely enjoyed Tarantino, something I just keep missing.


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