Sunday, July 25, 2010

the last visit

The g'kid has been returned home. The last g'kid week is done. The first two were spaced out a bit but the last two were back to back.

I've had fun. I've gotten to see four movies, I've gone to the beach twice, did some baking, saw fireworks, assisted in the production of several craft projects, been to the local museum three times and reacquainted myself with sewing (that's Autumn in her new dress on the left). There's also been a lot of food involved and the cleaning up, a lot of not swearing and not farting because your g'kids will point it out to you.

In the wake of the failed air conditioner, we headed for the beach once again on Friday. Conditions couldn't have been more different. Last week there was a nice wind, enough and the water was fairly calm, only two sets of small breakers. Our shelter was easy to put up and was stable, some seaweed littered the sand.

Our second visit, the wind was blowing very strongly and the water was much more turbulent with continuous lines of breakers all the way past the last sandbar. Getting the shelter erected was like holding onto a parachute filled with wind. We did get it secured eventually but it flapped fiercely and continuously afterwards. The tide was higher and the beach was covered with a thick spongy mat of the sargasso seaweed that had been washing in all week.

We saw a mermaid stranded on the beach.

While we did see some pelicans, there were not as many. But. I did see a white heron fishing in the shallows. That was the first time I have ever seen a heron at the beach.

We picked up a lot of shells. Most of them were worn smooth, their outer coatings removed to expose the translucent layers of color underneath.

Some of the broken pieces of the larger shells resembled potshards like you would find in an archeological site or in some of the southwest canyonlands.

Earlier in the week at home when Autumn and I were out, a juvenile blue heron (at least I think that is what it was) came to visit our backyard. These pictures were taken through a screen and a not too clean window by Marc.

You can see it's markings in the picture on the right.

Now that all the g'kid visits are done we are planning to get moving on several projects that have been waiting like getting the shop roofed at the very least. All this rain the past month has not done the framing any good. We have a small job to finish next week and I'm really wanting to get started on some new models. Ah, but first I have to put the house and studio back in order.


  1. Ah well, nice while it lasted, and very enjoyable. You got some pleasant days in, with pleasant activities, spent quality time with them and now you can get on with your own life.
    If you are anything at all like me, visits and visitors are welcome, for a time, and when they're over and they've gone, it's very nice to get back to my own routine too.

    I have some visits still to come.

  2. Happy, happy times. good for all of you. It's funny, I miss GK's summer visits now that they are here full time. It's very different when you know you only have a bit of time versus....the daily grind.
    Hey, the shell piece right smack in the middle of the picture does look like the canyonlands. How very cool.
    Well, good fortune getting back in the creation game.

  3. The weeks with the g'kids look most enriching with a good dose of fresh air and nature's magic.

  4. Autumn's dress is very nice, what pattern did you find? - Love the colours and the theme that blend through this entire post- Gorgeous eye candy!The egret looks as though it's legs might snap in the surf- so fragile.I do hope that you get some cool air soon!

  5. That dress is really cute! I want one - about 10 sizes bigger please LOL.

    I'm glad you had fun with your gkids - I'll bet they love coming to your house!

  6. What a joyful post; beautiful pictures, happy children, beach and movies and good food! Thank you for sharing the happiness. Smiles back to you!

  7. What great memories you've given your grandchildren. Those are some very special times indeed.

  8. It sounds like a wonderful time was had by all! I love the dress & your g'girl is so pretty in it. Like your shell collection, the shards, & the mermaid. Yep, it looks like you had a great time!!! Now good luck with your projects!

  9. What a great life. Wow.

    LOVE the mermaid. And the heron, so beautiful.

    So when you have grandkids, it's a great excuse to go see movies? Maybe I should have had children after all!!

  10. Looks like ya'll had a great time! Love the dress, the shells, the mermaid, and the heron. Wonderful summer memories.

  11. What good's a trip to the beach if you don't have to fight and struggle? LOL. Love the mermaid, that's cute.

  12. It alll sounds lovely. Amazing times to cherish... I hope you brought the stranded mermaid home?!!

  13. I love the photo of the shells laid out in lines. Simple idea but it looks great.

  14. What a great time! Your g'kids are lucky to have you.

  15. Lovely pictures. Cute granddaughter. She is a lucky girl. Very nice sundress, too.

  16. I don't think I've seen shells with the ridges worn off. They're so beautiful, that collection.

    Your granddaughter's dress looks very cute, and her mermaid outfit is equally fetching.

  17. How fun is that! Your mermaid is beautiful and the shells! Wow, you found so many.

  18. What a series of lovely gifts. The young heron visit, the lovely shells and especially that beautiful mermaid. I'm glad you enjoyed your time.


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