Tuesday, July 20, 2010

and another thing...

Another night of sleeplessness, I finally drifted off about 3 AM.

We're having another week of rains. Houston is 8” ahead for the month of July. Every time the g'girl and I get in the truck to go somewhere (bringing her here, to the movie, to my sister's) we pass through torrential rain.

I'm teaching another g'girl to sew. This one is making a sundress.

We're having another problem with the central air. Never had central air (well, except for growing up) before the country house. This unit is old, about 25 years. It had a part short out the first of May and now yesterday another part has gone bad. The one that makes the air cool. The one that has to be sent from Michigan and costs $300. The one that won't be here til tomorrow. Did I mention it's the middle of summer?

We did have another beautiful sunset last night though.

I bought another dragon kite last week. I had been eyeing it for months. I finally decided to get it and the one on display was the last one they had.

Another family event is coming up in Dallas the end of this month. The eldest brother-in-law is having a surprise birthday party. Right now, I really don't want to go. It's a four hour drive each way and a lot of gas. I know that once there we will have a good time but the getting there and the coming home are daunting.

We have another workshop coming up in August but I don't think it's going to make. As far as I know no one has signed up yet. It's not our usual glamorous workshop where the students make two pieces of glass but rather a focus on model and mold making. We thought it would be a good idea for the serious glass caster. Apparently no one else thought it was a good idea.

I have found another piece of art I want for my small collection. We went to the opening of this show because several people we know are in it and we have been absent from the art scene for a couple of years now and wanted to remind people we are still here. We have known the artist for nearly 15 years. She and her husband moved out to the country several years ago but farther out than us, over two hours away. They are looking to move back to the city now. She feels too isolated out there. Anyway, this particular piece is a woven bracelet of spear grass with a silver clasp. It is just so very cool, the best piece in the show I think. Totally unwearable. We've been wanting to trade for years so maybe if it doesn't sell, we'll do a little deal. If I currently have anything she wants in return.

And so ends another post with no pictures because the g'girl, who was up with me all night, is still asleep in the room with the computer that has Photoshop on it. Still haven't gotten a version for the new Mac.


  1. Oh I might DIE without air conditioning in Texas in July. Well, maybe not die - but I would probably try to make a suit out of ice.

    The art piece sounds really intriguing. Hope you get it - & take a picture so we can share...

    On my way to the dentist in a few minutes. Sigh. I really could use a chill pill of some kind LOL!

  2. I can you stand it without air conditioning?

    Could the reason for not having workshop participants be the weather?
    Hope things cool off.

  3. It's hot here in New England too this summer, in the 90s often. And we need some of your rain, our lawns are parched :(

    And I like the idea of a barter for that bracelet ... let us know if the trade goes through.

  4. ellen - offer a personal lesson in glass mold making - looks like there might be room for one!!!! up a pic of the bracelet as soon as it's in your hands!! steven

  5. I have always wanted a dragon kite. We have just the right winds twice a year for high flying but I can never find one in the shops here. I shall have to go onto the internet and search...No AC ouch, we've never had AC only a swamp cooler....I'm beginning to think I am too old for a swamp cooler..I'm too old for a lot of things....tee hee

  6. I would love to see a pic of the piece of art. Glad you are enjoying your grandchildren. Hope things cool off soon. You would think the rain would cool things down a bit.

  7. I love your pictures but it's so considerate of you to allow the g-girl to sleep.

    Send some of that rain to us, will you? We could use something. The air here is so toxic. Hot. Help us.

  8. You would be watching us drain though the cracks in the floor if we lost air.

    The rest of this week is triple digits in heat and who knows what in heat index.

  9. I would have to get a hotel room somewhere, if my central air went out! Thankfully, we've been in the mid to upper 80's with afternoon showers. Hang in there, cher!

  10. Just a thought. My ex was an a/c contrator. I bought a new unit a few years ago and because of higher efficiency, my electric bill went down by $30 - $50 per month. Might want to check out a new one. Maybe there are some rebates, too. Looking forward to seing a picture of the bracelet and the kite.

  11. No air?? Ack! That would be horrible!
    Sounds like you are enjoying the g'girls!
    And sorry your class isn't going over well. People do like making and taking, that is for sure.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  12. Oh yeah, trading art. I want to see a pic of the bracelet... it sounds totally cool. Speaking of cool I hope you are surviving. I played golf today & was so happy to get back into air conditioning!


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