Thursday, February 4, 2010


The jewels and colors are much more apparant in person than in a photo.

I am woefully behind on my reading and may not catch up, rather I will join up further downstream.  This has been a killer week.  Our estimate of three days to finish the altar window for JWUMC was so wrong.  Actually, it took us two days to apply the jewels.  The first day we did the bottom two quadrants and only needed to use the 8’ ladder for some of it.  The second day it was supposed (key word here as the weather was better yesterday than it was today) to rain so we did not come prepared to do the two upper quadrants and we worked on cleaning off the excess adhesive and did not finish.  Today we did the last two quadrants working on a 12’ ladder the whole time.  The tube of adhesive was being balky (something kept stopping it up), the patterns were a pain to get up.  We finally ran out to get some sandwiches and a new tube of silicone and eventually finished about 7 PM.  Needless to say, I’m tired.  Tomorrow we will go back and finish cleaning up the bottom two quadrants which shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours (she says cause she is so good about estimating the time it takes to do ANYTHING).  Then we are going to try to beg off til after Easter so we can get going on the next job that we are already behind on.  

I hope tomorrow night finds us at home for the weekend.  Saturday we will have the g’kids.  We may stay at the country house next week while I get the full size art work for the next job finished. 

It hasn’t been all work and no play though.  Last night we had an evening out.  We went to a friend’s for dinner and socialzing with another couple, the two couples being some of our favorite people to hang out with and because of the different streams of our lives last year, it’s been quite a while since we all got together.  We had a really good time.

So, here are a few pics of the first two quadrants of the job.  Today was the perfect day to get some pictures of the reflected light colors from inside because we were there after dark, but Marc turned out the lights before I got the pictures and I was putting stuff in the truck and I was ready for home.  Oh well.  Here’s a few pics of the first two quadrants at the end of the first day.

transmitted light colors

reflected light colors


  1. Oh my!! That window is fabulous! Love the jewels. That really sets it off! Wonderful!! Amazing!! I can see why you are so tired. Hope you can catch up now!

  2. ellen - labour/love . . . craft/precision . . . the window is simply beautiful! steven

  3. That must be painstaking work Ellen. On a ladder, head tilted back, etc. Creative installations always amaze me. Hope you have a relaxing weekend with your gkids - sometimes that IS possible. :)

  4. Wow, I can see how that would take a WHOLE lot of time. That is just beautiful and I bet it is even more spectacular in person.

    You all are very talented. Nice job.

  5. Oh that's just so beautiful. I can only imaging how it looks when standing there.

  6. Just gorgeous, it must create quite a vision to see it in person, with the light catching those colors. What fulfilling work!

  7. I have no idea how this is done- it is like magic to me- Crosses have always given me the creeps but you have managed to make this one something else and very very pretty!

  8. Cool! Those jewels really add a nice sparkle to the piece. I can imagine that must take so long to finish something like that. Rewarding too, I imagine.

  9. I love the jewels. It looks fabulous... and happy catching up!

  10. Ellen, the window is stunning. I LOVE the jewels!!!

    Simply beautiful elegant work. I'm so proud of you!

  11. Oh, how I wish I could see this 'in life.'

    I bet it's amazing.

    Well done!


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