Sunday, May 2, 2021

rained out but still a good day

A couple of hours after midnight early Friday morning the predicted storm started moving in with lightning, thunder, and rain. After a couple of hours of the little dog trembling enough to vibrate the bed, sitting as close to my head as she possibly could and panting in my ear, I finally sat up, turned on the light, and read until the thunder and lightning stopped at which point the panting stopped, the trembling continued but I was able to get another couple of hours of sleep, well, until the cat started her caterwauling get up and feed me. So that's how my birthday began.

It continued to rain off and on all day and so our plans were canceled. Not that we had any major plans. We were going to head into the shopping mecca to buy some new sheets, stock up at the liquor warehouse, maybe get a meal out if we could find a place with outdoor seating, and then go to a jewelry store. You know, because I'm such a jewelry hog.

The reason for the trip to the jeweler is to see if they can match the one diamond stud I still have. You might remember that I lost one of them when I was in the barn one day last year and got stung by a wasp right on my ear and started slapping at my ear as I stumbled back and ran out of the barn only to discover that I had slapped that earring right out of my ear. I did find the backing on the floor but the stud was never seen again, not even when I spent those days emptying the barn and cleaning it out. If they can't match it, perhaps they will take it in a partial trade for a new pair.

So it looked to be a quiet day at home though I had to go to the grocery store after breakfast since I had blown it off the day before but before that Pam came over with my present, a bag of homemade soap that she had made. 

Pam has been making soap for 15+ years and I haven't bought commercially made soap in all that time until last year what with covid and getting her new house and her being busy with what to take and what to leave and packing and moving and unpacking and selling her old house (which by the way has a contract on it so we are almost dancing in the street) so it was a wonderful surprise to get some new soap from her. And then a little while later our friend, neighbor, and fix-it guy Rocky and Melissa came by with a birthday present, a sweet little miniature rose bush. 

I got calls from my mother-in-law, my son, and grandgirl Jade and my daughter and grandgirl Autumn came over in the evening bearing gifts, a miniature orchid which I had been looking at for months to put on the windowsill in the bathroom but never bought 

and a box of four fancy pastries/desserts.

It was a fun evening and while Marc did make stuffed peppers for dinner, it was ticking towards 10 before Sarah and Autumn left to get some dinner of their own but too late for me to eat so we put it away and went straight for dessert (these are so good and so sweet and so rich just one is almost enough to put you in a diabetic coma) and went to bed.

More storm moved through Friday night with heavy rain so another night of a trembling panting little dog and more rain off and on all day Saturday. We had standing water on three sides of the house and the ditches were running nearly full, still some water in the ditch this Sunday morning. According to my neighbor we got 8” in about 36 hours.

I intended to post this  Saturday but after two nights in a row of interrupted sleep I took a nap instead and didn't drag myself out of bed until 5 PM and then Pam and I went downtown to check out the two festivals happening. More about that next post as this is already long enough.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes.


  1. Just in case I forgot, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.

  2. Poor Minnie! Traumatized by the storms! (And poor YOU, though I'm glad you had a good birthday otherwise. :) )

  3. Sounds like your birthday turned out well!

  4. Happy getting squeezed into the world day. I am grateful for your Mom. Nice presents! You are a lucky sleepy woman!

  5. Wow! Happy Birthday! I'm late.

  6. What thoughtful, lovely gifts! The people who love you obviously know you.
    I sure hope you can get your earring matched. I swear- there's a parallel universe somewhere with all of our lost jewelry.

  7. Wow, eight inches of rain! Probably not the most fun way to spend a birthday, but it sounds like you had a wonderful celebratory day! Love the look of that soap. It reminds me of the oatmeal/honey soap I use.
    California so needs that rain and more, which of course is not going to happen. The Sacramento Valley is already under a Red Flag warning because fire season has already begun.

  8. We got part of that storm system here. Made the grass grow ever taller. A late happy birthday to you! Your gifts were all thoughtful and lovely. Funny, the ones that we remember. One year my sweet son gave me a package of my favorite cookies and a cup of coffee. I think of him every time I see those cookies on the shelf in the grocery.

  9. Yes, I have been following the storm and glad to know you and the puppy are ok.

  10. That sounds like a lovely birthday! Sadly, I could eat the stuffed peppers AND that entire tray of sweets without even blinking. (I lie - my body has finally started objecting to that kind of ridiculosity.)

  11. Thunder and rain! Sounds like you did have a memorable day.

  12. That storm really wreaked havoc here. I thought we had a lightning strike at the marina, but it turned out to have been at a dentist's office across the street. It not only fried all their electronics and computers, it left scorched walls. They were lucky they didn't have a fire. They had to replace all the fire alarm panels in our complex -- they also were fried. Everything here sure is looking green, with all that rain. We got a couple of inches; it's not so much, but it sure did help.

    Love those gifts, especially the soap. I've been getting homemade soap from a woman in town, and it's wonderful.

  13. I would have done the same... eaten one of the sweets,savoring every bite before going to bed. It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday with friends and family stopping by despite the weather.


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