Monday, March 8, 2021

life will

Saturday and Sunday I continued cutting away dead foliage. I finished giving the ponytail palm it's haircut. It has over 24 necks though the smaller ones were soft all the way to the bulb and the larger ones are getting soft and weeping. So back to square one with a bare bulb when they all finally rot away. It will sprout new ones.

I worked in the little backyard some more trimming all the dead and damaged leaves from the aspidistra and the dead and damaged fronds from the two leatherleaf ferns which are already sending up new fronds. Also cut the dead ends and branches off the climbing rose back there and pulled all the dead bromeliads out of the pots. I brought one pot in and then completely forgot about all the others so I lost all those. Then I worked on the east side of the house cutting back the mexican petunias and all the shell ginger which is a shame as it would have bloomed beautifully this year since it didn't freeze back last year. Still have at least 9 or 10 leatherleaf ferns to trim back most of which are in a bed by the garage.

I did see the first of the baby-blue-eyes is open.

The indigofera has sent out new growth all up and down it's branches and I noticed a little green nub at ground level on the night blooming jasmine  and on both a white and a purple phillipine lily shrub so I'm confident the other white and purple will too. The small chinese fringe flower trees are putting out new growth and my redbud tree in a pot is putting out some buds and tiny leaves so my survivor list has several more entries.

(I had to trick the camera with a dead magnolia leaf to get this picture as it would not focus where I wanted it to)

I did finish my drawing on Saturday. the sketchbook is 5 ½" X 8 ½" to give you some sense of the scale. 

Unfortunately there was a small mishap Sunday night. While I was eating dinner the temporary crown that covers my three front teeth came off. I noticed it immediately so I managed to spit it out without damaging it, not that it was is great shape anyway. It's one piece though it looks like three teeth from the front and it had been loose for two days. This was the third time they used it; the first when he prepped for the crowns, the second when the crowns came in and he decided to send them back for darkening, and the third when I had to go in for new impressions and it was very tattered. Once I finished eating I cleaned it and my teeth and pushed it back on and it stayed but I removed it when I went to bed. It would be just my luck it would come off during the night and I'd choke on it. Anyway, back to the dentist this morning and the assistant spent about an hour repairing it and refitting it though it probably would have been quicker just to make a new one. But it's back on now and all is good.


  1. The amount of work devoted to restoring your yard is boggling.
    I hope your recolored front teeth cap arrives soon.

  2. That ponytail palm is a matriarch indeed!
    And you're right- Life Will. As Kurt Vonnegut said- Life, there is just no stopping it.

  3. I miss redbud trees. We had them in our neighborhood in Ohio, but there aren't any around here (that I've noticed).

    I'm sitting here with my face/jaw/tooth killing me again. It was ok last night so I thought the antibiotic had finally kicked in, but no. My appt. isn't until the 24th. I might have to call them. Ugh. Teeth are SO ANNOYING.

  4. Glad you got the crown fixed for now. Hope it won't be too long before you get the new ones in. How nice that more of your plants are coming back after the freeze. Nature surprises us some times!

  5. Glad most of the plants will come back. That reminds me, I need to make an appointment for cleaning at my dentist.

  6. So good to see the plants recovering, there may be more coming.

  7. Interesting ... I'd never heard of the Pony Tail plant so I looked up what I thought it was, "Elephant's Foot" and found it was the same plant but with two different names! I've never seen one as big as yours is... yours is HUGE! Very cool... And I've just planted some Baby Blue Eyes seeds... they've germinated, but are only at the two leaf stage.

  8. Doing the same thing here, I would welcome you to work by my side! I just try to work on one garden at a time, because if I looked at all of it at once, I am overwhelmed.

  9. I'm impressed beyond words by that ponytail palm. I had no idea they could attain such size. I suppose it's because most I've come across have been in pots, and substantially smaller. It looks almost prehistoric; I'm eager to follow its recovery and development.

  10. Well I'm glad more of your plants are showing signs of life. I wouldn't think cold would bother a redbud -- they can live pretty far north, can't they? That's a drag about the crown. Hopefully you'll get a permanent solution soon enough!


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