Thursday, April 13, 2017

working on my Wa

Well, that didn't last long. The moving on to better things but best be aware of what's going on even though I get it that people are tired of hearing about the continuing shit show in the WH. That said, I'm not going to talk about it again until the next list gets compiled because of course it will. Unless, of course he gets us in a war with North Korea before then.

Let's see, in the past week or so, I dug more grass out of the new flower bed finally getting it all out on Sunday. I also went over to the garden to ponder the new raised bed and the fact that the squash turned yellow and shriveled up and the onions have not grown a bit and so I know that the dirt that guy sold me was crap and I was going to just mix in some organic material but looking at it I got the shovel to explore and the top 3 or 4 inches was dry and hard as a rock even with the organic material that I added when I first got that cheap dirt and once I managed to get past that, the bottom 4 to 6 inches was wet and when I gathered up a handful and squeezed...clay. It was clay. 

So no amending that and I started at the end and started shoveling that crap out, spreading it around in all the low spots in the shop yard. I got a little over half out and ran out of good dirt. I had gone to get another yard of the good stuff and piled it up around the potatoes and that was what I had left. So after I did that, I carefully dug up the onion starts and replanted them in the good dirt so now I hope they will start growing. The squash was a lost cause but I have another clump growing nicely.

I went to another estate sale with my sister and found a shepherd's crook with two hooks that I bought. They had a really nice old fashioned lamp that I wanted but I didn't want to pay that much for it and I already have a lamp similar that I got at a previous sale that I still haven't rewired, and have no use for either anyway.

I went and got a CAT scan, one more step in the process of trying to figure out why I had those suffocating episodes, that's how I think about them now instead of choking, not that I expect they will figure anything out. I'm actually more interested in trying some Chinese medicine or acupuncture but I'll see this through. Although, Sunday night I was going to cancel the whole thing. I'd been fighting off some bug all week Marc gave me that he picked up at the family doo-wop in Dallas and the thought of having to swallow more barium or get iodine injected or have a miniature camera threaded through my nostril and down my throat just wasn't all that appealing. But I didn't and it turned out that the CAT scan was just of my head and throat and it was just this big donut shaped thing and I laid down on a table with my head in a cushion cradle and it was over in a few minutes.

Oh, and I went and got another yard of dirt Tuesday for the new flower bed that Marc tilled for me on Monday. I was looking at shoveling it out except that it finally rained Tuesday afternoon and gave me a break and still too wet out there.

my helpers

One thing with all this shoveling and digging, my arms and calves are looking pretty damn good.


  1. Annoying, annoying, annoying to have paid for not only useless dirt, but dirt that ruined your plants. And then all the labor of digging it up. Good thing you've got a long growing season.
    I hope they sort out all you medical weirdness - I think it sounds scary.

  2. I've been in a yard slump since Sunday. I just can't seem to make myself get out even in this relatively mild heat and dig anything. I need to get on my belly underneath the fig tree and clear that out. It's got rootlings of damn cherry laurel and all kinds of weeds growing up. There are a million other things I could be doing and I don't want to. Ah well. We all have times like this, I suppose.
    That lamp is a pretty one. We have one like it that was my husband's mother's. It needs rewiring too.
    Can you get your money back for that damn dirt? What a cheat.

  3. Oh, how I miss all that gardening stuff. The digging, the planing, the planting, the sweating and the harvest - oh the harvest~! I am always gardening vicariously through you, can't wait to see what we do next.
    And yeah, I would be on that guy's ass, believe me.

  4. I bet all that gardening provides a great workout. No wonder you look great.

  5. I've had my hands in dirt all day too trying to bury my head rather than watch the news. It's all so disheartening.

    Your garden projects are inspiring & im sure your toned muscles are impressive too. Lol. Gardening gives me license to eat chips & drink wine. ��

    Enjoying your political posts as you sum up my outrage better than I ever could..... stay the course!

  6. Your raised beds look great. We have that darn clay up here also and it is awful. I have lost quite a few new trees and bushes because of it. They do not thrive well in that kind of soil no matter how much good dirt we replace with it.

  7. Your raised beds looks awesome.. We are also planning to do the same in next year, though we have some, but we will change those.


    Please visit:

  8. I like the pets playing follow the leader.Lots of work around your home. Which I could share some good Iowa soil with you.I have planted a few seeds, but also have worked with some new beds.I have 75 lily corms to get in next.

  9. Oh man, I just don't think we're going to get much done in the yard this year. We're both still whipped from moving. Plus, my natural tendency to sloth. So I'm glad I get to watch YOU work!

  10. Gardening is some serious physical work! Glad it's benefitting your arms (and your heart and blood pressure too, no doubt). Glad the CAT scan went well. It sucks that the dirt you bought from that guy turned out to be so lousy. I guess there's not really much that can be done about it, is there? Does the Better Business Bureau still exist?

    1. it was only $20. and I'm sure he wasn't trying to cheat me. just his idea of good dirt and mine are two different things. and caney topsoil is really good dirt. this just wasn't topsoil.


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