Sunday, February 12, 2017

Bizarro World

I've been back on social media for three days now (it was three when I wrote this, now it's a full week and I need to publish this because it's already out of date!) and it's all just as awful, if not more so, than before. A completely unqualified woman who wants to do away with public education to put Jesus back in the classroom confirmed as head of the Department of Education and immediately a Republican introduces a bill to completely dismantle that very same department because who needs an educated population? Certainly not a country that considers itself the world leader. And why on earth should we pay to educate our citizens when we can import our medical personnel and scientists from overseas? Already about 20% of those positions are filled by the foreign born.

And now bigoted and racist Sessions as the new Attorney General who questioned Sally Yates at her confirmation hearing about whether or not she would say no to Obama if he wanted to do something unconstitutional. My question is does he practice what he preaches? Will he say no to Trump when Trump wants to do something unconstitutional? I'm not so sure he will. Rumor is Bannon is the real president who is calling the shots but there is another rumor that it is Sessions who is pulling Trump's strings.

Meanwhile Trump inhabits the White House alone and wanders around during the wee hours in his bathrobe, binging on fast food and hiding in the residence to watch movies and SNL, berating everyone, tweeting out his disgust and insults even during briefings, ordering his staff to not wear any clothes that come from Nordstrom's because they declined to carry Ivanka's clothing line and Kellyanne goes on Fox to tell everyone to buy Ivanka's stuff, a clearly illegal act. He and Spicer continue to lie about unreported terror attacks and the murder/crime rate, misrepresenting whatever it is they are saying and as to that nothing is a fact unless Trump says so and his staff can't even figure out how to turn on the lights in the West Wing. This would be a hilarious soap opera if it weren't our real life.

We have no ambassadors and he has alienated and insulted our closest allies. He insults Australia, one of the Five Eyes group that we share everything with, about our honoring an agreement forged with Obama and basically hung up on their Prime Minister. He chastises Mexico, our third largest trade partner, and threatens to send in the US armed forces to take care of their “bad hombres” if the President of Mexico couldn't and, of course, the Wall. He demanded France give back the money we sent them for NATO and he put Putin on hold so one of his aides could explain the non-proliferation treaty to him (apparently he doesn't bother with briefings from the intelligence and state advisors before these calls which always include him telling the other person how popular he is) and then proceeded to tell Putin that we got a bad deal (also how he characterized the deal with Australia to take in 1250 refugees). This is his guiding's not a good deal unless he gets some kind of advantage. Never mind compromise or both sides winning. If he doesn't always have the better end of the deal then it's a bad deal.

The first military foray under his watch was a complete disaster as the intended target was not killed but a bunch of innocent people were including an 8 year old girl and a Navy Seal and Trump is claiming it was a complete success and then insisted military actions should not be criticized.

Meanwhile, again, Republicans are doing all kinds of arrogant, complicit, and shady things to prevent any investigations into their behavior and actions from ever taking place and complaining bitterly that the Democrats are, astonishingly, being obstructive. The nerve of them. How dare they do to us what we did to them for 8 years. In addition to the bill above to dismantle the Department of Education, there is also one to dismantle the EPA, rescind it's regulations and dismantle it. Another to sell off our public lands to their highest buddy bidder and let the banks get on with their shenanigans. And shut those mouthy women legislators up.



  1. Yep. That about sums it all up.

  2. I wish someone would remind the Bozos in the White House that Trump did not win the popular vote and he's already the most disliked president in history this early in his first term. He has no mandate! Also, why does he resort to so many executive actions when he hasd the House and Senate? He thinks he's a king.

  3. Breathe...we are in this for the long haul.

  4. When I read about Massie's proposal, I was convinced that it was a joke. I'm with you, Ellen. It is difficult to think clearly, these days. I am angry about Trump's shameful (and dangerous) behavior. But the idea of getting rid of the Department of Education left me in shock.

  5. I close my eyes and see Dubya saying "Hulluva good job you're doing here, Browie." Another trip down clueless lane.

  6. Hi, Ellen. So nice to know that a fellow Texan sees the entire fiasco the same way I do! I go between being infuriated and being nauseated. Everything I thought we could be assured of in this country seems to have evaporated. If they don't like the rules, why, just change the rules. I wish I could, at least, expect the courts to follow laws, seek justice. Alas. I am not even sure that the courts aren't bought and paid for. Thank goodness for the many "celebrities---like Meryl Streep and j.k.Rowling." At least they can make waves.

  7. AND what ever happened to the investigation into Russian hacking? Forgotten as each new day brings a fresh disaster.

  8. It's a complete disaster, I hope there is some PLAN building on how to UNDO this mess, thanks to the electoral college not having the brass to say NO we have this mess.

  9. I don't understand why you have so few comments here. Did everybody go to sleep?
    I had a knitting meetup tonight. When there were just two of us, early, friend told me that some people were saying that orange(my word) is not their president. She disagrees. I told her he will never be mine. She did not proceed. The meetings are held at my house. Meanwhile, there was a message from the meetup headquarters that said over 1000 "resist" groups have been started in protest. Hope that turns out to be true! What is this----a non veteran in charge of the VA? And the national security guy quit because he got caught in a lie---and the fact was leaked? And the market is through the roof. All the banks think they are free to do whatever. Alas. The United States is no longer the world leader. I have two tee shirts with Elizabeth Warren coming. Guess I had better not wear one for the knitting group. Will wear everywhere else, though.

    1. people are overwhelmed and fatigued. how many times can you say 'I agree'? but as my friend Reya's a marathon, not a sprint. we need to keep up the resistance.

  10. It's hard to believe it's not the end times!

  11. |\ - that is a picture of me beating my head against the wall. Sigh.


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