Wednesday, January 20, 2016

waiting, drawing, arranging, repairing

You might remember that I have been interacting with an art consultant for a job of three large panels for a small animal hospital since July. A November installation, they said. The project was finally approved last December and the tax form required for funding mailed off the second business day of the new year and still we are waiting for the deposit that will get us started. Once it comes the lazy days are gone for a while.

I'm in-between on the casting. I have a few pieces, the magnolia leaves, the pink flower, to finish. One involves mounting and the other needs a new wax to cast the leaf part. I'm loath to get out the model making tools since I may be having to start on this etched glass job any time. Kind of at a loss as to what to do with my days. Been looking over pictures, making line drawings for the next set of pieces. These will be low relief panels in groupings, variations on a theme, the first two being feathers on the beach and the moon. 

I think they are going to be very different from what I have been doing. For one, these are going to be relatively simple famous last words, for another, I plan to use opaques (as opposed to the transparent glass I usually use) or a combination of both. I may be hesitant to get out the model making tools but I can and need to make the wax blanks I will need first. So that was my plan for this week.

I'm trying to rearrange the shop as well, move the stuff back into the storage room but more organized instead of the helter skelter it was before. Marc took the old dilapidated shower out for me and now I need some new shelving units but I did move some stuff back in there. 

I'm moving the shelves that hold all my powders and frit since Marc has taken over the space I was using for that for his mold making and generally trying to get the things that are still just sitting around into designated spaces.

And shop repair. I'm caulking around the outside where the sheet metal sides meet the concrete slab, about 100 linear feet so far. I'm hoping this will take care of the water seeping in during rains. I still need to get back up on the ladder and finish the roof repair. Although I already sealed the areas that were actively leaking, the rest is corroded and in danger of leaking.

Headed into town today to deliver the day lily piece and buy new shelving units and maybe some cabinets and counter top for the shop.


  1. I envy you your work space. I don't currently have a proper place to unleash my creativity. Maybe that's just an excuse to avoid digging into a project.

  2. You never will have too much shelving. Well, when you retire....
    My youngest granddaughter is organized to the last pin. The oldest, total disarray. When they switched rooms, Laura looked at Emily's room and offered to help organize. But, said Emily, it is organized.

  3. Oh dear- the waiting. What to do in the meantime?
    Sounds like you are making good use of it though. And I can't wait to see the next things you make.

  4. Wish you were closer, have a lot of shelving I took out of an old kitchen that is fairly new.

  5. Ooh the moon - that will be so cool!

  6. Well, you've certainly got plenty going on. I love the new designs, and the shop is looking neat and tidy! Hopefully the money for the animal hospital piece will come through soon.

  7. I look at all of those materials and think -- it's amazing! She knows what to do with them! Besides organize them, that is. If it's blowing over there like it is here, you're not doing any caulking or building work. This is a blow -- gale warnings up. At least it got rid of the fog.


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