Thursday, March 26, 2015

roof and spring stuff

I was back up on the 12' ladder yesterday. I've got the art work done for the two commissions still to do and it wasn't wet or rainy or overcast. I thought I could work in the yard or I could start the cold work on the Botanicas or I could work on the roof of the shop more. It's going to be pretty brutal over there before too long so the roof won out.


I worked on the worst of the leaky areas yesterday. Mostly all I did was to scrape away and brush out as much of the built up rust and dirt that had collected in the channel at the end of the roof panels as I could and opened up the slots so that the water can drain out instead of collect. Of course, doing that exposed all the totally corroded away areas where the water was leaking in. I figure I either helped by allowing the water to drain off or made it much worse. It's raining today (what a novelty) so I guess I'll find out.


Since replacing the roof is out of the question, the next step, I think, is to see what kind of stuff there is that might stop or reduce the rust. Then maybe some kind of paint? Ultimately though, I'm going to just caulk the shit out of it with the roofing tar stuff. And I need to get it done so we can start insulating and putting up wall board in the big bay which we need to do before we can get air conditioning in there. The thing about the metal building and no shade that makes it tolerable in the winter with no heat is the same thing that makes it unbearable in the summer.

Other happenings in the yard:

The bluebonnet patch in front is coming into full bloom. I tossed some seed from last year in a couple of spots in the back and now have two more smaller patches coming along.

All the trees are leafing out except for the pecans which are always the last to be convinced it's really spring and the rain storm that we are having today has blown in some chilly weather. The acorns have really liked all the rain we've been having, though, as I have oak trees coming up everywhere. I imagine little pecan trees will follow soon after.

I've been trying to keep the squirrels off the tea cup because they are total pigs. They are totally unimpressed by my waving frantically and yelling at them through the window. They won't run off unless I actually open the back door and holler at them which never intimidates them for long.

Who me?


  1. Ha! Squirrels are so audacious.

    Love the bluebells! I love your whole yard, actually.

  2. Squirt gun with ammonia in it and good aim sometimes works. Squirrel ends up smelling like strong pee and then (sometimes) keeps away.

  3. You and I live such similar lives. I'm going around pulling oak and pecan and cherry laurel seedlings. And the roof on our house has leaks! But no, I do not try to repair them. That is beyond my capabilities. Trust me.
    And yes- I sent two pictures to my husband yesterday of squirrels on the bird feeder. I yelled at one and he just looked at me like, "You talking to me?"
    And then proceeded to chow down some more seeds.

  4. I am so glad the squirrels in my yard clean up from the ground.

  5. little varmints! love your front yard patch! gorgeous! and good luck with the continued assault on the shop roof!

  6. good luck with the roof repairs - all the spring flowers are looking lovely

  7. The squirrels around me seem to be taming from all the food I feed them.

  8. Love those bluebonnets. But that rust---yikes!

  9. Lovely. It snowed here last night.

    Love the squirrel.

  10. You are always so industrious. Good job on the clean up of the rust. Hope your efforts pay off.
    Love, the Blue Bonnets

  11. That squirrel - ha! They can climb up on our feeder (and have, as you know), but the sparrows fling so much seed on the ground that the squirrels hardly ever bother.

    Love the flowers! And you be careful on that ladder!


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