Friday, November 23, 2012

fun day

Yesterday the family came out to the country house for Thanksgiving, children and spouses and a friend and grandchildren. Even my sister stopped by on her way home from spending the day with her daughter and grandkids. The kids all came loaded down with food and all we had to do was cook the turkey which Marc did early in the day.

We pulled an assortment of chairs (an antique wheel chair, 2 beach loungers, plastic patio chair, metal patio chair, and a 5 gallon bucket) out into the Big Back Yard, put up the hammock, and sat around enjoying the beautiful afternoon, drinking beer and messing with the kids.

Mikey and his dad were throwing the football around when it went into one of the pecan trees and pecans rained down. The game with the ball quickly changed to knocking pecans out of the trees. The grandkids dragged out one of the ladders and climbed into the trees with a baseball bat. The ball was no longer thrown to another person but kicked into the canopies.

Warming up all the food in a timely fashion was a challenge in our one oven but no one seemed to mind that everything was less than hot. We crowded around the dining room table and stuffed ourselves.

When evening came, Mikey pulled one of the burn barrels up by the lawn chairs and started a fire, not that it was cold, and Mikey's friends from down the street showed up with fire crackers so the boys all had a grand time.

Eventually everyone headed home except for the four grandkids who are staying with us til Sunday.

It was a good day.


  1. it sounds pretty perfect. the weather has been wonderful to enjoy the outdoors, too. today we're getting a very brisk fall wind that is blowing the leaves off the trees.

  2. I envy you! Mine was very quiet. Too quiet.

  3. I haven't visited for a long time. What a great description! I felt like I was there sitting in a lawn chair and watching the action.

  4. A super ad hoc day, and a pecan bonus!

  5. What a wonderful fulfilling day you in traditions and memories!!


  6. Sounds like a great Thanksgiving! I especially like the impromptu pecan-harvesting techniques!

  7. Marvelous day, Ellen! Oh, how I'd love to be caught in a pecan storm. :D

  8. What a lovely day! Low key & fun. It was actually warm enough in NC that we could have eaten outside, but we had already planned on the church hall instead.

  9. Sounds like it was a fine day.. even the pecan piñata... pecañata?


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