Tuesday, February 14, 2017

tornados skipped through town

Early this morning one of the phones beeped an alert but seeing as how they were in the other room we ignored it and went back to sleep. A storm was blowing through with wind and lightning and thunder and we finally got up around 7:30. Shortly after 8, my friend Wesley, who lives downtown in the apartment above one of the buildings that is next door to the antique store, called to tell me that that little storm, which had mostly passed by now, had blown out two of his windows and peeled back the flat roof about halfway of the building next door which shares a roof with the antique store and stuff was getting wet. He didn't know how to get hold of Donna, the store owner, so he called me. I promptly called my sister whose day it was to work and who lives next door to Donna to let her know.

So, she and Donna went down to assess the damage, considerable, and to start moving furniture and cleaning up and I met them down there about an hour later. Two of the five small clerestory windows blown out and shattered, roof leaking, 2 small rugs thrown out, furniture dried and moved to the back of the store, pieces that couldn't be moved were covered by a tarp, same with the display cases. Probably several pieces will be a loss, a china cabinet for sure as the veneer was already peeling back. It's a good thing so many pieces had already been removed last weekend. Donna is opening another location in Rosenberg, 3 principles and other vendors, and the pieces were taken there.

Didn't really notice any damage driving in, but on the meandering drive home I saw quite a bit. The tornado/s skipped through town. We just had a few smaller branches down.

Somebody's trampoline upended and moved. Can't tell what that other toppled thing is next to it.

Lots of trees were downed or damaged.

Other storage units at the same place were damaged.

Closer to home this grapefruit tree was finally stripped of it's fruit. The deep freeze took care of the leaves and the fruit was left to hang like ornaments.


  1. Wow, that's quite a lot of damage. I don't usually hide either. I was wondering the other day if our tornado season was going to be bad this year.

    1. didn't know what the alert was for until much later. we get them for all sorts of reasons.

  2. Wow! That's some pretty severe damage! Glad y'all were okay.

  3. Bad as that is, glad it wasn't worse, and that you got your night's sleep.

  4. Amazing the damage these things can do. So glad you're okay and didn't suffer any injury.

  5. I think I saw the picture of the blown over on the news. You didn't write about anyone being hurt and I hope that was the case.

    I have only been witness to one tornado and that was enough.

  6. That was close enough. It is hard to imagine the force until you see it.I have helped cleanup many times.

    when I hike I always drive somewhere, trying a different area each day.Headed 90 miles SE today and plan on for a few days of camping.


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